This is the schedule for the on-line classes starting from T.B.C.

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In this difficult time, I’d like to keep my classes donation based.

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Schedule - Brussels, Belgium CEST time zone

  •  GYROKINESIS® Beginner Level2**
  •  GYROKINESIS® Class – all levels*
  •  GYROKINESIS® Essentials***
    •  Decompression Thoracic spine

*GYROKINESIS® Class – all levels: an easy Level1 class with elements of the Essentials course to guide you smoothly into movements and connections.

**GYROKINESIS® Beginner Level2: For experienced students or movers. This class is based on principles and exercises towards the Level2.

***GYROKINESIS® Essentials: is a new program created by Gina Muensterkoetter, personal assistant to Juliu Horvath, which could be considered the basic level of the GYROKINESIS® Method.

It is particularly recommended for certain processes of rehabilitation or for people not able to execute the floor work in Level 1. Movements are not big but they are very deep into body and fascia connections. All conducted with specific breathing patterns to increase the efficacy and benefits of the exercises.