The GYROTONIC® Method is a three-dimensional movement system that allows the body to strengthen and stretch simultaneously through circular, spiraling, and undulating movements. Juliu Horvath, founder and creator of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, brilliantly developed this holistic technique, which works with the body’s skeletal, neuromuscular, and cardiovascular systems in alignment. Movement sequences performed on the Pulley Tower focus on the decompression of the spine and the joints, to increase mobility and reinforce the body with corresponding breathing patterns. Fluidity is the key.

The GYROTONIC® method is recommended not only for athletes wishing to improve their performance, but also for those seeking a better and faster recovery from injuries. After a GYROTONIC® session clients feel better connected, taller and fully energized.

GYROTONIC® Basic Principles

  • Create stabilization through contrast
  • Movement and corresponding breathing patterns
  • Create decompression in the joints
  • Stimulation of connective tissues (fascia) and internal organs
  • Stimulation of the nervous and lymphatic systems
  • Vision guides the movement
  • Intention is the driving force that moves the body

GYROTONIC® Therapeutic Applications
The therapeutic applications have been created by physiotherapist Paul Horvath and are actually used as rehabilitation programmes at the Rheintal Clinic in Bad Krozingen in Germany, as well as by many therapists in the world.
These applications are divided in three groups:

  • GYROTONIC® Applications for the Pelvic Girdle, concerning hips and lower back
  • GYROTONIC® Applications for the Shoulder Girdle, for neck and shoulders
  • GYROTONIC® Applications for Scoliosis, relying the upper and lower part of the spine

Each programme is particularly structured to heal the body in a holistic way to fully recover from injuries.


The Pulley Tower Combination Unit is the basic equipment of the GYROTONIC® Method and the result of over thirty years of research and development. It is composed of a bench with a 360° rotating handle unit and a tower providing smooth, even support and resistance via a unique weighted pulley system. The Pulley Tower is adjustable to perform a wide variety of exercises:
  • Arch and curl while seated with the use of the handle unit for spine mobility
  • Hamstrings series lying on the bench with straps on the feet for hips and legs
  • Sideway positions for lateral flexion
  • Sitting in front of the tower for upper body and leg strengthening and mobility
  • Abdominal series
  • Upper body opening exercises.
The uniqueness of the Pulley Tower resides in the use of concentric and eccentric forces within movement and changes of direction to improve strength and mobility of the entire body.
The GYROTONER® has the double function to mobilise and coordinate hip and shoulder movements with the spine. The handle unit can change from a horizontal to a vertical plane according to the required range of motion of the exercises. This particularity allows free movement with full decompression of the shoulder joint and is highly efficient for shoulder rehabilitation after a surgery, frozen shoulder, or bursitis. The change of plane also facilitates the use and articulation of the spine in connection with the shoulders for kyphotic or scoliotic clients. The leg unit allows, with circular movements, the mobilisation and alignment of hips, knees, and ankles in connection with the lower back and the pelvic girdle muscles.